Take A Kid Fishing

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Sharing the joy of fishing and the outdoors with youngsters could be the greatest social investment you ever make and help develop adults ready to face the challenges life may send their way.

As long as I am able to run my Shaun John Fishing platform you are going to hear this over and over again, "take a kid fishing" even if sometimes like me its just letting your niece or nephew fish in your koi pond at home, just make a plan to have them experience the excitement of catching a fish at any opportunity you can.

Obviously through Shaun John Fishing we want to take fishing into schools and families outside of our immediate circles but for most anglers they have some youngster in their immediate family that may not have ever experienced the outdoors and the simple fun of going fishing.

It doesn't have to be a complicated trip maybe just an afternoon out to a venue like Wonderland 45 outside Pretoria with a spinning rod some small hooks and a tub of worms or Simons Town Harbor pier with some sardine or prawn, a little trip like this might be the spark that ignites a life long passion.

For me and so many others fishing has become much more than just trying to catch fish and had such a positive impact on our quality of life. From just getting out of the house and visiting interesting local pieces of water to epic adventures like trips to the USA fishing can take you places you may otherwise never have taken the time to appreciate.

Fishing is fun, challenging, exciting, humbling, beautiful and is in some crazy, weirdly positive way frustrating which is much like life in general so learning to appreciate the good and deal with what we perceive as not so good is so beneficial for people to experience at a young age. If you love fishing and it has made a positive impact on your life what better way to show your appreciation than to give the same gift to the next generation?

“Fishing is fun, challenging, exciting, humbling, beautiful and is in some crazy, weirdly positive way frustrating!”

We all get caught up in the daily rat race and for most of us fishing is how we escape, so take some time to share that escape with some kid who might not otherwise know how to take a healthy break from whatever they may be facing at home or school or wherever, you could be positively changing a life. Do some research, find a nice venue to visit, make sure you are feeling very patient and take a kid fishing!

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